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Here you will find all of our old news items.

Wargamer Reader's Choice Awards
May 7, 2007
MadMinute Games is very proud to announce that we have won the Wargamer Reader's Choice Award for Game of the Year 2006!  Wow, that's amazing!  Thanks to the Wargamer and especially to our community for granting us this honor.

MadMinute Games also tied for Developer of the Year and got chosen as the 2nd best Wargame of the Year 2006.

We could not have done this without our awesome community and also our great test/development team that allowed TC2M to rise to this level.

TC2M Awards 

Wargamer Nominations
April 7, 2007

The Wargamer has released their nominations for the 2006 Reader's Choice Awards.  

MadMinute Games has been nominated by The Wargamer to compete for the following:
The Wargamer's Best Developer of 2006

Take Command: Second Manassas game has been nominated by The Wargamer to compete for the following:
The Wargamer's Best Wargame of 2006
The Wargamer's Best Game of 2006

Paradox?has been nominated for the following:
The Wargamer's Best Publisher of 2006

Congratulation to the entire MadMinute Team and to all of our players.  Take Command is a team effort and we owe a lot of thanks to a lot of people.  Our first game Civil War Bull Run won some of these awards, we think that 2nd Manassas is better, so if you feel the same way please vote.

Map Mod Section Split
March 24, 2007

In an effort to keep the new maps simpler for our users, we have split the map mod section into two parts.  We have asked the map modders to provide two versions of their maps.  One map version is for those users that have not installed the SDK or do not want to edit the csv files.  You will just have to download the map file and unzip it into the maps folder.  That's it.  The other version will be for more advanced users that have the SDK installed and are comfortable with editing the csv files.

Davinci has provided the first version of his Gettysburg Map.  Users without the SDK can now download and install Gettysburg without ever having to edit the csv files.  Please see the mods page for this new version.  Thanks Davinci!

New Map
January 31, 2007

Louie Raider presents Antietam, posted on the mods page.

New Map
January 30, 2007

Davinci has published our first community map since we have opened up the map modding with the latest patch.  All maps will be posted on the mods page.

TC2M Receives End of Year Award
January 10, 2007

The Armchair General has chosen TC2M as it's runner up for the best wargame of 2006. Read about it here.

TC2M Other Language Patches
December 7, 2006

German, French, and Spanish have been released. They are on the Support page.

TC2M English Patch 3
December 1, 2006

A new patch has been released. The version is on the Support page.

TC2M Review
August 7, 2006

I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but haven't got around to it. We got a great review from the guys at Civil War Interactive. Thanks for taking the time to really get into the game.

TC2M Generals
July 31, 2006

I've added a new section on the TC2M Buzz page that is the list of players that have completed the game. Have a look. It also contains a very cool MMG car design by Kevin Grelle.

Patch 2 Mirrors
July 18, 2006

We have a bunch of new mirrors for the second patch. Thanks to Strategy Informer, FileFront, Worth Playing, GamersMark, and SoftPedia for hosting our patch.

Patch 2 is Up!
July 14, 2006

The MMG has been working hard and is happy to bring you the 2nd and final (hopefully) patch for Take Command - 2nd Manassas. Please note that the patch includes all fixes from the first patch. Get the patch here. Here's a list of features:

a. Added a new walk command for modders if they want to use this capability on their toolbar mods.
b. The following commands are now supported in Open Play ini files:
The TimeOfDay command allows you to change the appearance of the sky in Open Play to day, dawn/dusk, or night (TimeOfDay=0, 1, or 2 respectively). If you don?t want your commander to die during game play, then use the CantKillMe command. If you want to try out the Headquarters in the Saddle (HITS) mode of play, then use CommandHeight=10 and CommandRadius=5. This will restrict your view to what your commander could actually see "from the saddle" during Open Play. If you want to try out any of these new commands, make the appropriate entries in all of the ini files contained in the Open Play folder of the main game directory. The appropriate one will be copied to level.ini before an Open Play scenario starts and these commands will affect game play as outlined above.

2. The following fixes were applied in this patch:

1. Corrected improper grammar in scenario End Screen messages.
2. Corrected typo on Open Play screen.
3. Fixed Highlight strings on the OB page that were not being translated.
4. Scenario End Screen score and text now displays correctly.
5. Fixed issue with scenario End Screen disappearing and causing scenarios to appear as if they would never end.
6. Fixed Pause game bug - esc key still opening toolbar menu.
7. Moved the location of the completed objective ?X? on the officer?s popup display.
8. Fixed Map Modding - modified csv, dds, and tga map files can now be read from a Custom Scenario folder.
9. Fixed Open Play VP clock countdown on the mini map.
10. Added new Compass graphic with larger direction arrow so it is easier to see and use.
11. Enhanced button highlights for the Confederates so they are easier to see.
12. Changed double quick buttons; the Arun highlight has been removed as it was confusing to many players.
13. Changed the Arun command to not be a toggle between run and walk. The run command will now only run and will not toggle to walk.
14. Added missing low res flag graphic that showed up during game play as white block.
15. Fixed incorrect artillery graphic in the 2M Open Play OB.
16. Fixed issue with Wavering troops not retreating.
17. Fixed issue with Broken Prone troops not retreating when required to do so.
18. Fixed issue with charging units not completing their charge.
19. Reduced the likelihood of cavalry retreating after suffering casualties.
20. Fixed issue with cavalry commanders falling behind their units.
21. Fixed issue with dismounted cavalry that did not appear to be firing or repositioning even with status showing as 'engaged' and with valid targets in range.
22. Fixed artillery units not resupplying when out of canister ammunition.
23. Fixed No Retreat when out of ammo.
24. Fixed a unit drawing issue that was caused by units popping in and out of line of sight.
25. All scenarios now provide the player the opportunity to gain sufficient points for promotions.
26. Fixed scenario SM12 - 29 Aug - Pender (C_Brig); Confederate AI Commanders will no longer "steal" VPs from Player.
27. Fixed issue with carryover strengths not adding up correctly due to the presence of "hidden units" in some scenarios.

Nice Review
July 12, 2006

Susanna at Paradox just sent me a link to a nice review in my hometown paper. Check out the Philadelphia Inquirer review. I don't know if this made it to print in the paper or not. It would be cool to have a copy.

We are finishing up the patch. It's got some great stuff and fixes all known bugs. We are currently working on the logistics of rolling it out. Should be very soon.

We are also finishing up work on the Spanish and French versions of the game. We are worldwide. If you are from a country not respresented, you've got to get on the butt of a publisher or distributor from your country to contact Paradox. I am pretty sure that Russian is already in the plans.

Adam and I have pretty much decided on the content of the next game and the major feature set. Nothing public yet, but it will be very cool.

June 27, 2006

We honestly did not think that it would happen, but we were wrong and very happily surprised when we received the first email from the first player to crack the game. All 48 scenarios finished, all promotion grades achieved. We were so blown away, we asked for a little history on how Gary was able to finish the entire thing.

MadMinute Games,

My name is Gary Knowlton and I am currently employed by the US government. Recently, I was the lucky recipient of an all-expense-paid tour of Iraq to inspect potentially hazardous facilities throughout the nation. Having been to Iraq in a similar capacity before, I understood the deadly risks and boredom which Americans in Iraq can endure. Opting to hide away in my hotel rooms and isolated from the internet and most communication to the outside world, I brought with me approximately 20 DVDs and Mad Minute Games: Take Command ? 2nd Manassas to play on my personal laptop. Hopefully, I thought, I would be kept busy with work wherein I would not run out of things to do. As Providence would have it, I wasn?t kept very busy and had seemingly endless downtime. Settling into my fate, I began to play the game. You know, it takes something very special to keep me interested for a long period of time. Most games I get sick of after a week or so. I literally never once got tired of the game the entire month or so I was there. Well?okay?my HAND got tired after playing for several hours, but I found myself even then plotting my strategies. Overall, I started to look forward to down times rather than dread them. This game really does have the uncanny ability to draw the player into the battles and captivate them. Even today, two months later and surrounded by every amenity I could ever want, I still find myself as enthusiastic about the game as the first time I played. And that, in my opinion, is the best compliment that can ever be given.

Take Command?2nd Manassas *is* bar none the best 19th century battle simulator ever created. The best $40 I ever spent. I look forward to any future releases. Thank you MadMinute Games.

Gary Knowlton

Congratulations Gary and we hope that you liked your prize.

May 26, 2006

Adam has done most of the writing for a while now, so when Tacticular Cancer asked for an article about Indie development, I though it about time to throw my hand into the PR stuff.

In case you don't read our boards, we've decided that we want to do another patch. There are a few things that we really want to clear up before moving ahead to our next project. We are not in a rush right now to get it done, but we are working on some things and compiling our list.

May 17, 2006

We've overhauled the SDK and have added a bunch of new features. Here's a run down:

1. Contains all of the source files to all of our scenarios. Our source files are very easily readable .csv files. No programming skill is necessary.
2. Allows you to change almost any aspect of the game, you could make it look like a completely different game if you wanted to. You can add your own uniforms, toolbar, scenarios, formations, explosions, artwork, weapon types, fonts, skill levels, sounds, names, mod yourself into the scenarios, screens, and change aspects of the game that affect all scenarios.
3. WarPack tool will compress a scenario folder into an easily distributable .mmg file so that you can share your work.
4. WarEdit tool will allow you to edit our .csv files in case you do not have your own spreadsheet program.
5. We are releasing .jpg files of all of our maps.
6. A Developer's Guide (almost 100 pages, but English only).
7. Our master 2nd Manassas OOB .xls file
8. A sample .xls template for creating OOB's
9. blank templates of all of our main scenario .csv files.

Download the English SDK
Download the German SDK

We've Been Pilfered!
May 9, 2006

Just a big FYI. There is a showing up on file sites. This is a test copy that we are working on. It has a big bug. This was not meant for release. So don't get it because it does not work. Please continue to use the one off your CDs until we have all of the bugs worked out. The one on the CDs should still work fine.

Also, I've been posting all of our reviews on the review page. There are a lot of them. We just got a good one from Gamespot. So if your still wondering about the game, download the demo and read the reviews.

TC2M Patch
May 2, 2006

The first, and hopefully last, patch for TC2M is up. We are hosting both the English and German patches, they are different.


This patch fixes the hideous error on the German version that makes the text unreadable on some video cards. We apologize to all German purchasers for this bug. I hope that this will not keep you from enjoying our games. We want to extend a large amount of thanks to Mario Derwand who worked very closely with us to make sure that the German version was fixed. We also want to thank David Hawken for proving to us that there actually was an artillery capture bug.

Here's the list of fixes:
1. Jackson sprite in Gibbon scenario was replaced with proper Jackson specific sprite.
2. Fixed bug in German version where the text color was transparent. If you still have this problem, make sure that you have the latest version of DirectX 9C installed.
3. Fixed an error where you could not specify which type of ammunition for your artillery to use.
4. Fixed the English Version of the Division Tutorial, sometime the units would not react based on the player's actions.
5. Fixed the English Bug where the game would hang if you chose a grayed out carryover scenario on the battles screen and then hit the check mark.
6. Added early win conditions to the scenarios so that you don't have to wait around if you've beaten the scenario early.
7. Fixed a bug where the Cavalry Brigade Officer marched slower than the rest of his regiment.
8. Fixed a bug where arty could not be captured if all of the Division's Arty Officers were detached.
9. Fixed typo in OOB's. Augur is listed as CO of 2nd Div (II Corps, AoV) in units.csv but shows up as CO 3rd Division in game.
10. Removed some csv files from the scenario mmg files. This will allow more modifications to make their way into our stock scenarios accessed through the Battles screens. Your toolbar, sound, and sprites modifications will now be present in our scenarios.
11. Switch 28th Mass to use Irish Flag.
12. Added 2nd Florida to the 2nd Manassas Open Play OOB.

We also threw in the ability to change resolution, it's not perfect, so we don't officially support it. But since we could do it and people wanted it, there was no reason not to have it.

English CD Version Patch
German CD Version Patch

Wargamer Award for Excellence
April 28, 2006

MadMinute Games is very proud to have received the Wargamer Award for Excellence for Take Command - 2nd Manassas. This award means a lot the team here at MMG, it's from Wargamers to Wargamers. We are very excited by this announcement and their continued support.

More Buzz
April 24, 2006

In the August issue of Military Heritage there will be a preview of TC2M. Adam has an interview over at Tactical Cancer.

Just a quick note about stores. It takes a while for the game to show up in stores. Since we are not a AAA title, they all take their time getting us to their stores and placing us on their shelves. So if you hate ordering online and don't mind waiting, just give us a week or two and you'll see us on some local store shelves. If you don't want to wait, there are some great places to order online right now. You can even download the game from Paradox and have it instantly.

TC2M Buzz
April 21, 2006

We are all over the net. Paradox is doing an excellent job marketing the game. I've created a new page to handle all of the content. There is a new review up from NetJak. Our forums are jumping, so come by and say hi. It's a great place to post if you have any questions about how to play, or are having technical issues.

Today is the Official Release Date of TC2M
April 18, 2006

But many people have already received the game. Many people that preordered from Paradox have already gotten the game, Paradox also has the direct download purchase option working, and NWS is currently shipping out all of their preorders. We should also be showing up in some stores soon. The preliminary list is:AAFES, Amazon, Circuit City, CompUSA, Fry's Electronics, Gamestop, Hastings Hyperactive, and Micro Center.

There are a bunch of new reviews, previews, and interviews posted on the left. Adam has been working hard to get the word out, but Paradox has been working even harder. They have done a great job of letting the world know about TC2M. We can't wait to see how we sell in Europe. A German version is already completed and hopefully we'll be getting some more languages finalized. Paradox has us all over the place, the publicity is excellent. Now we can just hope that the world likes our game.

TC2M Goes Gold
April 16, 2006

I know I'm late, I was taking a week off before the release for a little relaxation. Going gold means that Paradox has accepted our release and has stated that it is ready for publication. But it's gone even further because I have some games and they look awesome. The manual is amazing, the guys did an awesome job. I still have not read it all, but it's a must have. Although you get a digital copy if you buy direct download, I have to say that you'll be missing out. The box is very cool, Paradox got some original artwork and it looks great. There's also a poster, that also looks great, I'm going to have to get one framed.

A ton has gone on in the last week, some reviews have been posted. Some are great, some are so so, and some you have to wonder if they even played the game. But we'll list them all, even those that we don't understand.

Adam did a great developer diary and Wrangler has his mod site up. The forums are buzzing. Everyone seems very excited. Let's hope for a clean release, it's only two days away.

TC2M German Demo
April 5, 2006

If you can't speak English, then I guess that you can't read this, but if you would rather try our demo in German, then here's a link. TC2M will definitely be released using the German language in many countries. We plan on adding more languages as the deals to distribute in those countries come through.

TC2M German Site
April 3, 2006

The upcoming German release of TC2M has spawned a German site. Thanks for the help. Please check it out and let me know if they are saying good or bad stuff about the game :)

TC2M Demo
March 20, 2006

The Take Command - 2nd Manassas Demo is now available for download:


It includes high and normal res sprites, but does not include all of the uniforms varieties. It has the brigade and division tutorial as well as the Gibbons scenario. There is no open play. I think that it does a great job of representing the game. We took a lot of peoples advice and didn't give away the farm while still trying to do the game justice. Based on the scenarios there are only 2 maps shipping with the demo. We are very excited to have everyone play with the high res sprites, but you'll have to wait until you get your copies of the final game to see Jackson sucking on his lemon.

Some Great Info From Paradox
February 24, 2006

Posted by Fredrik on our Forums in response to a question about where the game will be available:

The following territories are covered so far:
the US/Canada
Germany (+Austria/Switzerland)
The UK/Ireland

Still working on:
France (close to an agreement...)

You will be able to find the demo in magazines in Sweden, Germany, France and a few other markets as well. The game will be available in our web shop ( and for download ( The US box will be a mini-box with flap and the European boxes will be "slip cases" (DVD case + manual in a paper box). I hope this answers some of the questions that you have.

Wargamer Awards
February 22, 2006

Our first game has been awarded The Wargamer Reader's Choice Gold Award for best wargame of 2005. MadMinute Games has been awarded The Wargamer Reader's Choice Silver Award for best developer of 2005. Links are to the left. Thanks to the Wargamer and their Readers.

Although CWBR is no longer available for sale, Take Command has been much improved since CWBR. The new version will be available in April this year in Take Command - 2nd Manassas.

Quote from the Wargamer Reader's Choice Awards:
In the end, 2005 belonged to two games and two companies. Civilization IV proved that sequels can be successful bringing an old concept back to life, provided they're cared for by the right people (Sid Meier). Civil War: Bull Run demonstrated the abilities of even the smallest of developers, as grognards chose that work as their Wargame of the Year despite its non-traditional approach to the wargame genre. 2by3 Games managed to appeal to two audiences that stretched across the entire demographics of The Wargamer, from casual wargame player to the most hardcore of titles. Finally, Matrix Games published not only volumes of new work, but also signed quality future titles to its rosters, promising plenty more to come in 2006.

GameZone Interview
February 8, 2006

Link is over on the left in the Buzz section.

The Best Budget Game of 2005
February 7, 2006

I just got my copy of ComputerGames magazine and was very happy to see that TC1861 (CWBR) was voted budget game of the year. Too bad no one is publishing it anymore. The great news is that TC2M is almost done and will be available soon and it's got everything CWBR had and more.

Wargamer Beta Preview
February 6, 2006

The Wargamer has done a preview on our beta of Take Command - 2nd Manassas. Here's the link The Wargamer. It's a real good read.


We have some new screenshots to pretty up the page, these are the high res units which did not appear in our beta but will be in the final game.

THS Civil War 1st Bull Run Take Command 1861
February 1, 2006

This game is no longer being produced. This game was released under a budget ware logo and needed to sell a lot of copies to remain on store shelves. It did not. So AV is no longer producing it to our knowledge. We could sell it ourselves but would have to pay them a royalty. We just can't agree to the principal of that. We can rewrite the game, but we want to move on.

If you just played our demo and want to play our games, the wait is very short. I expect a demo for our next game "Take Command - 2nd Manassas" will be available in March. The game will be released in April. This game is much better than our first, it will be worth the wait. So please don't make some guy on ebay rich in order to get a copy of CWBR. You only have to wait a couple of months and you'll have a much better game.

On another note. In order to make sure that we do not end up in this situation again we have enlisted the help of Slitherine Software to aid us in our business negotiations. Their advice on business management and in assisting us to bring our Title to a wider international market has proven invaluable.

TC2M Beta Is Closed
January 5, 2006

Thank you for all the participation. The logistics of this thing have my head spinning. But it's closed, no more betas will be sent out. We can finally go back to getting this thing localized, which is a nightmare. Thanks again everyone, please check out the forum to see how the testing is going.

Get Your Beta Emails In Now
January 1, 2006

Today is the last day to get your beta emails in to MadMinute. We will ship out the last beta to preorder customers today and next week we will ship out the remaining ones to people that have requested it on our forums. If you posted your name in the "Didn't preorder but want the beta" forum, make sure that you have followed the instructions there to have a chance at getting the beta.

Press release - Paradox signs Civil War title
December 29, 2005

Paradox Takes Command
Civil War strategy game to be published worldwide

Stockholm, December 29, 2005 ? Global publisher Paradox Interactive announced today that they have added yet another major strategy game title to their 2006 portfolio. Developed by MadMinute Games, Take Command: 2nd Manassas explores the titular 1862 battle of the American Civil War, which proved to be the pivotal engagement of the Northern Virginia Campaign. The game is scheduled for a worldwide release on April 18, and has a SRP of $39.99.

Take Command: 2nd Manassas is the latest game based on MadMinute Games?s award-winning real-time game engine, which has been hailed by many critics as the greatest tactical Civil War PC engine of all time. While focusing on the essential elements of decision-making, the player needs to Take Command or be overcome by it.

"The detail within Take Command: 2nd Manassas is amazing, and strategy gamers will get hours of gameplay out of this great release,? said Fredrik W. Lindgren, Director of Publishing at Paradox Interactive. ?MadMinute Games shares Paradox Interactive's passion for quality strategy games and we are excited to finally be able to include a Civil War game of this caliber to our portfolio."

"MadMinute Games is thrilled to be working with Paradox,? said Norb Timpko, CEO MadMinute Games, Inc. ?We wanted someone that would let the world know about the Take Command series and we feel that we have found that in Paradox. With their history of successfully publishing strategy titles, we feel that this is the perfect match.?

Features include:
· 48 Scenarios from the three most important battles of the 2nd Manassas Campaign
· Linked Scenario Tree, where results of one battle carry over into the next
· 5 Gigantic battlefield maps based on historical records from the Library of Congress; the most accurate American Civil War battlefield maps available in a PC game
· 3 Modes of gameplay: Historical, Open Play, and Custom/User Created Battles
· Control thousands of troops and direct them over 3D terrain (including Generals, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and Supply Wagons)
· Accurate ballistics for weapons
· The ability to play as any leader in Custom/Open Play Battles

About Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive has been a leading publisher and developer of strategy games for the PC platform since 1999. Well-known for their strategy titles, the company's distribution network and followers span the globe. Paradox's experienced team has completed more than 16 titles, including such best-selling games as the Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron franchises, as well as Crusader Kings. Their latest worldwide PC release was DIPLOMACY, the game of international intrigue.
Paradox website

About MadMinute Games, Inc
MadMinute Games, Inc is a true "garage game" company. The company was founded by two friends who, with minimal experience in the gaming industry, worked at night and on weekends for three and a half years to complete their initial project, Bull Run. Now joined by a group of volunteer designers and testers, they've soldiered on to produce MadMinute's second product, Take Command: 2nd Manassas. The MadMinute community is growing and the founders hope to someday work on the "Take Command" series full-time. Their combat engine has received excellent reviews and their AI has been lauded in numerous publications, even by the difficult to please "Grognards."
Madminute Games website

Latest news on this topic and discussion

Major Announcement for TC2M & Preorders
December 21, 2005

MadMinute Games, Inc. would like to share some really exciting news with you. For some weeks now we have been in intensive negotiations with a major Publisher to release Take Command - 2nd Manassas to a worldwide market through retail outlets. For obvious reasons these discussions have been confidential, but negotiations are now at an advanced stage and this week we have reached a preliminary agreement, which allows us to release this information to you.

This is a big step for us that will hopefully ensure the further success of the series. We hope that you will be as excited as we are. The only problem is that in order to tie in with their release schedule we have to delay shipping the game. We are really sorry about this and don't like to let anyone down but this is necessary to allow them to get the marketing right and to support the game properly. The box released by the publisher will include a nicer box than we could create. There is also a good chance that it will contain a printed manual and may contain other goodies. We felt that if we did ship our release then those receiving it would have felt let down when the publisher?s product came out.

We just hope that you, our most loyal supporters will support us in this decision, and we would like to enlist your help one more time, by checking out the final beta. We are only releasing this to those people that have preordered the game. It will contain some modes of open play and some scenarios, but will not include the high-resolution sprites and will not be moddable. It should keep you busy for a while.

The release date is effected by a number of things but looks like it will be early Q2 2006.

Chris at NWS has very graciously agreed to email every single person that preordered the instructions for obtaining this beta. You should be receiving an email within the next two weeks. Since all pre orders are through NWS and not through MadMinute Games, you will have to work out the details with them. They have agreed to handle your preorder money however you want; we hope that you will carry it over until the publisher's game is released. They have also assured me that any difference in cost will be applied to store credit, shipping charges, etc.

No more preorders will be accepted for this pre beta program. This is only available to those that already preordered the game. We have told the publisher the importance we place on these preorders and will do all that we can to make sure that you receive your games as soon as they are available.

This was not an easy decision to make, but we have been speaking to some great people in the industry and they have convinced us of the importance of reaching a worldwide market through retail chains. If Take Command is going to be able to continue up through Gettysburg, and over the ocean to Waterloo, then we must make the decisions that will reach the most people in the shortest amount of time.

Thank you all for your support, by preordering the game and on our forums.

Latest news on this topic and discussion

New Screens
December 19, 2005

We are almost finished the normal resolution unit artwork. This is the only thing currently holding back our release. We should have another announcement this week to let everyone know what is going on behind the scenes at MMG. Take a look at the gallery for the new screens.

Take Command - 2nd Manassas Screenshots
October 27, 2005

Here's some new screenshots from our upcoming game. These are using the new high resolution units option that will be in the game. Take a look at the gallery.

MadMinute Games Announces Next Title
October 4, 2005

New Freedom, PA - October 4, 2005 - MadMinute Games, Inc.(TM) announced today that their next major game release using their highly acclaimed Take Command engine will be the Take Command: 2nd Manassas. Take Command: 2nd Manassas (TC2M) is available now for preorder from NWS-Online.Net, with an estimated ship date of December 2005.

Following up their award winning Take Command: Civil War Bull Run, MadMinute explores this pivotal battle of the Civil War in 1862. An exciting new feature of TC2M will be carryover in scenarios or connected battles. New carryover scenarios will start with the men that survived the previous day's battle. So your command decisions will not just affect today, they will affect tomorrow as well and maybe even the day after that. TC2M will also include 2 other crucial battles of the 2nd Manassas Campaign: Cedar Mountain and Chantilly.

With over twenty scenarios and a new and improved Open Play engine, MadMinute surpasses their previous success with Civil War Bull Run. Other important innovations include new uniform types, expanded cavalry commands, the ability for infantry to "take cover", a feature that pauses the game and allows you to tour the map and plan your strategy, and five new historically accurate US battlefield maps with field crops. There's even an evening sky that adds to the already life-like terrain.

Many exciting refinements have been made to the tactical game as well. Regiments of 1,000 men can now be represented with 100 sprites. The morale, weapons, and line of sight modeling is more realistic and much improved. Take Command: 2nd Manassas also includes a completely revamped artillery model that includes the ever deadly Double-Canister round.

MadMinute Games, Inc. (TM) also announced that its next planned title, Take Command: Shiloh is still on target for December 2006. This monumental effort includes a full campaign map to plan the grand strategy surrounding the Battle of Shiloh. Take Command: Shiloh will include three other crucial Western battles of 1862: Pea Ridge, Corinth, Perryville.

MadMinute Games, Inc. (TM) is a true "garage game" company. Founded by two friends with minimal experience in the games industry, they worked at night and on weekends for three and a half years to complete Bull Run. Now, joined by a group of volunteer designers and testers, they've soldiered on to produce MadMinute's second product, Take Command: 2nd Manassas. The MadMinute community is growing and the founders hope to someday work on the "Take Command" series full time. Their combat engine has received excellent reviews and their AI has been lauded in numerous publications, even by the ever difficult to please "Grognards."

Visit the MMG website (

MadMinute Team is:
September 11, 2005

Just a quick update on who is working hard to bring you gaming goodness. This team is doing a great job and working very hard on the next version of Take Command. No one can say much about the next game right now, but once the title is announced next month, we'll be able to answer a few questions. We want to thank everyone for all their hard work, for sharing in the dream of bring this ACW engine to life.

MadMinute Games, Inc. is
Adam Bryant
Norb Timpko

MadMinute Team
Mike (Dr. Mike) Dickman
LTC John N. Duquette, USA Retired (aka Wrangler)
Ed "Meagher of the Sword" Mallon
Mike Peyrot
Brett Schulte
Ron "Beagler" Stakelbeck
Jim "6th Vermont" Weaver


Chris Rickwood
(contact info:, for all music needs)

After Action Reports
September 10, 2005

Or AAR's. These are mini novels or short stories that describe the experiences that players had in battle. They are very cool. We have a bunch of them, with screenshots, over in our forum. There's an entire section dedicated to them. They are very cool to read. It's almost like reading a letter home from a soldier at the war. Check them out and let the authors know how you like them.

Out of Eight Review
August 17, 2005

Out of Eight has posted their review of The History Channel Civil War The Battle of Bull Run Take Command: 1861. The link is on the left.

August 15, 2005

MadMinute Games, Inc. has joined forces with to publish their next game in the highly reviewed Take Command Series. Current plans have MMG announcing the title and release date in October 2005. NWS has a very successful online computer game store where they specialize in war games. NWS has long been the favorite store for purchasers of CWBR, providing very reasonable shipping rates and prices.

Fields of Glory is an in game movie created by krispyjc. It's pretty cool, so we put a link on our mod page. After you watch it, stop by the forums and let him know what you think. This is the low res version of the movie, you'll have to ask to find the high res version.

Fields of Glory
August 15, 2005

Fields of Glory is an in game movie created by krispyjc. It's pretty cool, so we put a link on our mod page. After you watch it, stop by the forums and let him know what you think. This is the low res version of the movie, you'll have to ask to find the high res version.

MadMinute Games No Longer a "Value"
August 10, 2005

MadMinute Games and Activision Value have amicably parted ways. The Take Command Series will no longer be published under the Activision Value label.

MadMinute Games, Inc. will announce their next title in October 2005.

No Console Game!
July 14, 2005

There is an article on IGN.COM that states that "Atari Value" is working on porting "Civil War -- The Battle of Bull Run: Take Command: 1861" to the PS2 and XBOX. "Activision Value" is listed as the publisher with MadMinute Games listed as the developer. This is a completely incorrect article and there is no truth to it whatsoever. We have no plans to port CWBR to any consoles.

I believe that the source of this article is two History Channel Civil War titles showing up on EBGames, one for the PS2 and one for the XBOX. Neither of these has anything to do with "Take Command" or MadMinute Games. MadMinute is the sole owner of the "Take Command" Series and the engine and any future games with our Take Command engine will be published under the name "Take Command" and will be announced here first.

Speaking of the next game... The MadMinute Team is hard at work on our next title. It will be another major American Civil War battle. There will be a Campaign Mode in the game. If you want to learn the title of the next game, all you have to do is beat all of the scenarios in CWBR as shown on the Service Record screen. If you don't want to do that, just have someone on the forum PM you the title. We have withheld publicly announcing the title so that those players that want to try beating the game can have a chance.

New Demo Link
July 1, 2005

Chris from NWS Online has provided an excellent server for downloading the CWBR Demo. It flys and is listed on our downloads page. MMG would like to thank NWS Online for this link and their continued support of our efforts. The game is becoming harder to find in stores these days, but NWS is making sure that it remains available. They also ship around the globe. So if you haven't been able to find the game, please contact NWS Online. Their link is listed on the left and you won't be disappointed in their service, even if you normally refrain from ordering online.

ComputerGames Magazine Review
June 3, 2005

July 2005 issue of ComputerGames Magazine 4 out of 5 stars.

SimHQ Review
June 2, 2005

SimHQ has posted their review of CWBR. Read it here.

Demo - Our Link Removed
June 1, 2005

I had to remove our own hosting of the demo as we are going to eat up all of our monthly bandwidth in one day! There are plenty of mirrors listed below, so please find one that works for you.

Another note. If you like replaying the demo, and need something to do while you wait for the game to arrive... The entire demo map is planted with powerful enemy. Yes, it will mess up the scripting of the scenario, but if you explore, you will find lots of enemy to fight.

May 31, 2005

MadMinute Games, Inc. is proud to announce that we have created a demo for our exceptionally well reviewed game "Civil War Bull Run". This demo consists of our first tutorial where we teach the player the basics of CWBR as they lead a Brigade through the steps to support their Division. This is the level that got MadMinute Games nominated as a finalist for the 2004 Independent Games Festival.

Download the Demo
From 3DGamers
From WorthPlaying
From StrategyInformer
From FileFront

May 23, 2005

After much consideration, MMG has decided to release a demo of CWBR. The demo will consist of the first brigade tutorial level only. We hope to have this available next week.

CWBR Patch v1.11

The patch is done, and has been approved by all the power that be concerned. Here are some highlights:
1. Support for 1024x768
2. New map for open play

3. BONUS Beauregard Scenario
4. Take Command of all your units for you power hungry commanders
5. See the full list of changes

Download Locations:
Activision Value
Take Arms 3D Gamers FileFront Game Spot

Item #22 & #38: We did not put in the all brigade double quick and this was because it is a toggle and got confusing at times, also we did not have enough room for the current button and the new button so we left it as is. The modders have already added this for people that want it anyway.

Note about mods:
There were some changes in the csv files, so if you have installed any mods, we recommend that you uninstall them before installing the patch. They could cause a CTD. Contact the mod author and get a v1.11 compatible version of the mod.

Change list for Mod Authors: Download SDK v1.11
1. UNITCOMMON.CSV: Inserted column D "CAPT CLASS" - this is the class to use when this unit is captured. Only works for artillery.
2. FORMATION.CSV: Column G used to called "Use Road", it wasn't being used. It is now called "Keep Formation". This means that this formation will not switch into column while moving.
3. UNITS.CSV: No major change here, just a warning. If you have a column called "Rate of Fire" towards the end, it should not be there. We've cleaned up our files, modders should clean up theirs.

May 1, 2005

I've completed the events.csv file modding section. This should give modders everything that they need to create their own detailed scenarios.

Also I've received some emails about what happened to the reviews. Adam has sent review copies to every major pc game magazine out there. He has sent out copies to a ton of websites, etc. We have no idea why PCGamer was the only major magazine to get us in so far. Maybe they're the most indie friendly magazine out there. We don't know, but we're watching.

Let's have a big atta boy to our MMG team for keeping our forums the best out there. They have made our forums extremely friendly and have answered all of your questions. It's not easy to respond to 50+ posts a day, but they do it.

May 8 is a big day here at MMG. Four years ago May 8th Adam and I decided to stop talking about making a game and actually put some money into it. We bought our first 3D engine and started working and the receipt is May 8th, 2001. We consider that date the start of MMG.

I also want to thank Little Robert for showing me how to properly do search tags on this page.

More Modding
April 15, 2005

I may actually finish this someday. I absolutely hate documenting stuff, but since I'm the only one that can look at the code and verify what stuff does, I'm stuck with this job. Levels.csv is now done and up in the modding section. That leaves me 5 more to go. If there's one that you've been waiting for, let me know in the forums. I've saved the worst for last. Everything left is a really big job, so if you have a preference on what I should do next, let me know. Also if this documentation is useful, let me know too. I haven't read anything about the mod docs on the forum so I don't know if anyone is using it or not. So if it's useful, let me know, or if it isn't or if it's too cryptic, let me know if you get a chance.

Chat with MMG
April 5, 2005

We're going to try another chat and this time we're giving a whole days notice. It's Wednesday, tomorrow, at 9pm EST. We're gonna try a different chat room. This won't work in FireFox for me, I have to use IE, but you don't have to install anything.

Nick :

Even More Modding
April 3, 2005

Here we go again, tables.csv is completed.

The patch seems to be going well. Having 1024x768 makes a huge difference. If you haven't seen the game at this resolution, you owe it to yourself. It's a whole new game. We believe that this will be the only patch released for the game. We have no plans to do another one. So unless a huge bug crops up we're going to start working on the next game. I'm trying to finish the mod documentation, but it's a huge chore. Everyone else on the team is looking towards the future and writing down everything that they want in the next version. So if you see a member of the team, make sure that they know what you want. Because the list will be finalized early so that we can make plans and schedules for the next game.

More Modding
April 2, 2005

It's pouring here at the Mason Dixon line, so there's nothing better to do than write more mod docs. I've completed artyammo.csv, openobjs.csv, openplay.csv, and objectives.csv.

More Mirrors
April 1, 2005 - norb

Thanks to Shane at Take Arms for hosting the patch. Also thanks to the guys at 3DGamers for getting it up so quickly.

Thanks to Ana at FileFront for providing another mirror.

We're On a Roll!
March 31, 2005 - norb

Another great review of CWBR has been posted over at the Strategy Page.

Jean-Michel from HistWar sends word that we got a nice review in the French magazine PC4War. Thanks for keeping us updated. Hopefully we'll get a translation or at least the article to read. My younger sister spent a year in France so if someone can scan me the article I can bug her until she translates it for me.

New Mod Section
March 28, 2005 - norb

Adam and I completed the modding help section for units.csv. Also I've gone through all the mod help and believe that I fixed the cut off problem that was happening in IE.

Another Review & Bits
March 28, 2005 - norb

DIY Games just posted their review of CWBR. Four out of five stars, not bad. We've been doing pretty good with the reviews so far. I'm just waiting for that one that bound to come slamming the game.

The testing for the Patch is going well. Activision has been on top of it, but they want to check everything to make sure that we didn't screw anything up. I've sent another build addressing their concerns, hopefully we'll get approval soon.

The MMG team is working hard on the next battle in our series. We brought on some more testers and a new scenario designer so that we can give you more content in the next game. Right now we're looking at the core game mechanics that need to be fixed. It's a long process and we don't want to rush anything. We are also looking at other 3D engines that we could use, that's a very short list because the engine has to be very similar to our current one to even consider it. I doubt that we'll find anything, but now is the time to look. Basically we need something that does huge, pretty, 3D terrain and can handle drawing thousands of sprites (billboards). I also want an SDK, not a game scripting system, I hate those. Our current engine can draw the terrain and thousands of sprites very quickly, but lacks some features that we are looking for, it also has some bugs that we haven't been able to get around. But so far it seems to be the best fit for our needs.

PCGamer & New Team Members
March 25, 2005 - norb

Just got my May 2005 PCGamer in the mail and bam! There we are. I read the review and it's not bad. It's really nice to get into a major magazine, especially now that we are in most major stores. I was trying to get an idea about how our rating compares to other games. Well the last History Channel ACW game got a 67, Sid's Antietam got a 75, Shogun TW got an 84, and Med TW got a 82. So we're in pretty good company.

We have recruited some new faces onto the MadMinute Team now that we're pretty much done the patch and ramping up for the next game. We'd like to welcome Beagler, mdpeyrot, PrThor, and Wrangler. Say hi to these guys on the forums, as they will have a lot of say in what you see next from MMG. They really have no idea what they just got themselves into...

Chat Today at 3pm EST
March 12, 2005 - norb

The MMG Team will be in the MadMinute chat room today at 3pm EST. I know that it's very little notice, but we just finished our end of the patch and we're pretty happy about it and it's hard to coordinate everyone's schedule. So with 2 hours notice, we probably won't get much turnout, which may be better in that we'll have a great chance to get to know the few people that happen to click on our site in the next 2 hours.

Go to the forum, go in the top General Discussion forum, then click chat room, the top topic, to find out how to get in there. I'll post some of it here.

We've created a user room at Gamespy named MadMinute Games. You get there by opening Gamespy (yes, you must have it installed), and then hitting Ctrl-K to bring up the USER ROOM interface. Then you click on the search tab and key in "madminute." GS will search for the room and display the result. You can avoid going through this hassle again by checking the auto open box. If there's any interest, Norb and/or Adam may stop over there for chat. BTW: The password is bullrun. Visitors are advised to mind their manners. Please PM Ivanmoe if someone is abusing their privileges.

Patch Update
March 11, 2005 - norb

We have completed our work on the patch. We did a ton of work and have addressed as many issues as we could. At this point we submit it for testing to Activision. When they give their OK, then we can post it for you. Adam and I will be away for the next week, so this works out well for us. I have no idea how long their testing process is going to take, but hopefully they will be done when we get back. If all goes well, then we can have it to you by the end of the month or early next month. We are very excited about the patch, we feel that it really adds to the gameplay. Modders will have some minor changes to make in their mods to run with the patch version. All that is clearly spelled out in the patch readme.

The total patch size is about 16MB. I'm not sure if we will be able to host it ourselves or not. We have only a limited amount of bandwidth per month, then they shut us down. We will have to see what happens and where we are in our allotment.

The Wargamer Award for Excellence
March 09, 2005 - norb

The entire MadMinute team is extremely proud to announce that we have received The Wargamer Award for Excellence. WOW! They've posted an unbelievable review on their site The Wargamer. We would like to thank everyone at The Wargamer for their support. Even before the game was released, when no one really knew what we were going to turn out, the team at The Wargamer has been supportive of our effort.

This means a lot to the team. To work so hard and then receive a reward from a site that specializes in wargames is something that we never thought possible. Thanks to our testers, our artists, our composer, our families, and all the guys at Activision for believing in us and giving us this chance.

New Site
March 04, 2005 - norb

I've added a link to Bored Mofo to the fan sites section. He's got some good stuff that sharpens the images.

We also have a confirmed test from Chris at PowerRender that the integrated graphics bug is fixed. I don't have the hardware myself. He explained something that I was doing wrong in the code and after taking his suggestion, the problem disappeared on his test hardware.

New Site
March 04, 2005 - norb

I've added a link to The Dugout on the links page. Welcome aboard Tim. He's got some great new units that you can add to the game.

Patch News
March 03 , 2005 - norb

We are working very hard on getting a patch done, but it may take a while. We are hoping, with crossed fingers, that the people at PowerRender can fix the problem that we are having with integrated graphics. They are willing to look at it, so let's all hope that they can come up with a solution. Besides waiting on their response, we are in good shape. We are testing all of the changes. A final change list will not be released until the patch is final and ready to ship.

If you have a fan site, or any other type of site that you would like listed on our links page, please email me.

Reports are that we are finally in Wal-Mart. That's great news. Hopefully we'll get some more faces showing up in the forums to add to our growing community. 7000+ posts since the release, that's awesome.

Review of Bull Run
February 19, 2005 - norb

We got a pretty awesome review of the game up gamezone.

Patch Work
February 15, 2005 - norb

We are currently working on a patch. We have read through all of the forums and the emails that we have received and are fixing what we feel is necessary. We obviously cannot do everything requested, but we are throwing in a few new features that were easy to implement. Some things we felt were too risky to address in a patch, and those things will have to wait for the next game. We will release a full feature list once we are finished.

More Modding Sections
February 8, 2005 - norb

I've completed the toolbar.csv and the unitcommon.csv modding sections. I've also added an explanation of our conditional functions in the variables reference section. We expect to see some awesome scenarios from the community. All of this documentation is a pain to write. We forgot half of it and have to constantly check the code so that we don't mess you guys up.

More Info on Uniform Modding
February 7, 2005 - norb

6th Vermont has posted more info on uniform modding as well as a downloadable document that will tell you everything that you need to know.

For the Duke
February 7, 2005 - norb

The modding section for weapons.csv is complete.

February 6, 2005 - norb

I've tried to tackle one of our more complicated csv files, formation.csv. This file is very powerful and allows you to create your own formations. Many people complain that we use 3 men in our columns instead of 4. Well now you can stop complaining and go change it yourself.

This file is hard to understand, so please read the entire description before attempting. I spent a lot of time trying to fully explain it. I needed something to do while waiting for the SuperBowl, in which I really hope to see the Eagles win their first SuperBowl ever. I hate how late the game is on the East Coast. I can't even have a party because the kids have school tomorrow and the game will be on too late.

New Modding Sections
February 4, 2005 - norb

The following modding sections have been completed: gamesounds.csv, mainsounds.csv, unitsprite.csv, effects.csv, names.csv, variables reference, and tooltext.csv .

New Fan Site
February 4, 2005 - norb

There's a new section on the links page for fan sites. These are where you want to go to get mods, as we will not be hosting them here. Thanks to Brett for being the first to give us a hand with handling this part of the community.

February 4, 2005 - norb

I've been out this week. Took a little vacation. If you emailed me or wrote to me on the forum, I'll try to respond as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvience this may have caused.

I messed up
January 28, 2005 - norb

A lot of people have been talking about the cannon sounds. We even had a poster today that said they were too loud. Our musician, Chris Rickwood, said they were horribly distorted and he had to replace them on his game, due to his fine ear getting damaged. Adam has been wondering for a while what's going on, his sounds were fine and not distorted at all. Well... it seems that someone on the core MMG team that's not Adam, went messing with the sounds on his computer because he wanted louder sounds. And this person, had some program to turn up the wave files, but he hasn't a clue about sound and turned them up way too much. Well this person, the not Adam half of the core MMG team, also makes the installs and ended up shipping his super charged cannon sounds rather than the ones the the sound effect designer, Adam, made.

I apologize and they will be in a patch. We hope to have a very minor patch done next month. This would only address very specific or small issues. The main reason for our rush is the one real bug in that the fail grade of the Open Play cannot remain -25. It's ridiculous, sorry we didn't have more time to test. The game was never meant to be a race for a waypoint in order to get enough points to have a battle. We will have some other small, meaning very quick to code and test, fixes. The only way to get this to you this quick is to keep it small. It must go through ours and Activisions testing before we can release it.

Thanks everyone for the great feedback. Keep it coming, we love it. We can't wait until this thing hits the major stores. We're really dying to know how it's going to do with mainstream America. The box looks good and the price is right, so hopefully we'll catch some impulse buyers as they walk by. We have been assured that it's going to be in all major stores that carry computer software sometime during February. This is no one big release, it will hit different stores at different times. So if you see it somewhere that hasn't been mentioned before, drop by the forums and let us know.

The WarGamer has a great preview posted
January 28, 2005 - norb

Check out this link to the WarGamer. They have posted a preview of the game. Thanks for supporting us guys.

MAP_NAME.CSV Mod Section is up
January 27, 2005 - norb

I've finished the map_name.csv definition. Although you can't create maps, you can modify the ones that we provide. I've also put a list of all of the commands that can be used in toolbars, events, and menus, as a start to the command reference document.

SPRITES.CSV Mod Section is up
January 26, 2005 - norb

The next in a long list of mod sections is completed. I figured that this is one of the first things that people were going to try, so I thought it important that it get done in the beginning.

CWBR.INI Mod Section is up
January 24, 2005 - norb

I'm starting out small. I've done the main ini file and it's in the modding section. The "order of things" and the "map layout" articles are also complete.

We've Finally Been Acknowledged
January 24, 2005 - norb

After a long time and lots of complaining on our boards, our publisher Activision Value has finally acknowledged the existence of their prodigal son MMG. You've all known about it for some time but it's nice to see us finally up on their site.

Let me say, now that it's public, that they were great to work with. Everyone has been coming down on them on our boards for their lack of attention, but we haven't said much because we really liked working with them. They were actually more fair in their contract negotiation then almost all of the internet only publishers that we talked to. One internet publisher wouldn't even negotiate at all. They said here's the deal take it or leave it. We left it. MMG don't play that way.

Thanks to Activision Value for taking a chance on us.

New Modding Section
January 23, 2005 - norb

We've gotten such a great response from the first people who've played the game. I know this is the honeymoon, but we're going to enjoy it before it's over. Thanks for all of the great comments. The best thing is that the game is pretty solid, people are starting to find a few minor bugs. Mostly with the AI, but it's the first time we've done anything like this, so we're pretty proud that it's stood up as well as it has.

I've added a new modding section on the left. It has a ton of place holders for the content that I need to write, a few things are filled in and I will keep on it until it's all full. I've also added a support page with some of the solutions and problems that we've encountered on the forums.

Keep playing. I want to know who the first person is to finish the game. There's a hint as to what the next game will be if you finish.

First Tutorial
January 20, 2005 - norb

You just can't keep a good scenario designer down. While Adam and I are getting some rest, Jim (6thVermont) has been hard at work trying to teach everyone how to create scenarios and he's finished his first tutorial. It's a great way to introduce you to our scenario design process. I've added a new page for downloads and you'll find it there. If you have questions, he's always on the forums, so just ask.

There is so much to cover in explaining our design that I'm sure that there's some stuff missing. We didn't have time to document stuff, but it's a great start. I don't think any of us can remember everything that goes into creating a scenario. But we'll all continue to update any information that we give you so hopefully someday it will actually all be documented.

It seems that the first copies of the games are finally showing up in stores. Call first, but for those of you not willing or able to order online, you should be able to pick it up this weekend.

It's Out!
January 18, 2005 - norb

Players are finally starting to get the game. It hasn't showed up in any stores yet that we know of. It should show up in WalMart soon, hopefully sometime this week. That is one of the main reasons that we decided on going with our particular publisher. This way we can reach the masses who are not familiar with our game type.

So far sales seem to be pretty good. We really have no official data, but we've been at the top of the EBGames bestseller list for 2 days and broke the top 300 at the Amazon site. We consider that a major accomplishment given our situation.

Initial reviews have been pretty good. We won't really know until people play the game more, but it's great to hear that so many initial impressions are positive. If you are still not sure if you want to purchase the game please check out our forums. The customers that have played are there and are answering questions so that you can get an unbiased opinion of the game. Of course we think that the game is good, but nothing is better than when other people get it.

The only major problem so far has been that people don't really know how much ram their video cards have. You really need 64MB to play the game. Sometimes it works with 32MB, but we put 64MB as the lowest specs because that always works. If you check out our Tech Support forum, 6thVermont wrote a small tutorial showing you how to tell.

Thanks to everyone for believing in us. It is your enthusiasm that kept us going during the hard times.

We expect an announcement from the publisher sometime this or next week.

January 12, 2005 - norb

While the official release date was the 11th, I do not know of one person that was able to get the game yesterday. I believe that date is the day the game got shipped up to the resellers. I think that next week is a more relistic time to expect to see the game showing up. I was told 3-5 days after release the game would be available. I was also told 1-2 weeks before a formal announcement would be made by the publisher. They like to coincide with the product be available for purchase.

Please be patient, if you want the game you will be able to get it probably next week. This is the first time we've done this, so we really didn't know what to expect. I've also posted some new links on the left of where you can purchase the game online. There's even one in Sweden, thanks to the guys on the forums for pointing this out.

Tomorrow's the Day!!
January 10, 2005 - norb

Wow, it's almost here. The game is to be released tomorrow. I can't wait to get a copy. Thanks for everyone's support. We really hope that you like the game. Make sure to stop by the forums and let us know what you think.

It might not be in all stores by tomorrow, but it should be everywhere by the end of the month. Call your local store before you head out. My local store said they wouldn't have it until the 12th.

Interview with Adam
January 4, 2005 - norb

Check out the interview with Adam over at Xperience Gaming. Thanks to Jiaqi for the interview.

December 29, 2004 - norb

We are getting bombarded with questions about whether or not we are releasing a demo version of the game. First we were always planning on doing one (that was about a year ago), then we got some good advice to not release anything until the game was feature complete. That just happened the beginning of December. Of course we didn't update our site, because we forgot, we just breathed a big sigh of relief because we actually finished. Then someone asked on the forums and I said no, because we don't have any current plans to do one. The game will be out very soon, and if you don't want to purchase it without trying it first, just try a friends or wait for some reviews to come out. Nothing wrong with being a cautious consumer. It would require some design and coding to do a demo right now and frankly we are burned out. So Adam and I talked and here's our official tag line.

We have no current plans to release a demo, but we are not ruling it out yet. If we did do a demo, it would not be until well after the game is released.

MMG has always been up front with accurate information about our game. We don't shy away from the tough questions, no matter how much we get flamed on the boards for it. Sorry for not updating the game info and faq sooner. Adam just updated it the other night, so everything should be accurate as of right now.

FYI - the system specs in our FAQ are correct, if you see different ones somewhere else that don't match the ones on our site, then they are wrong. We tested the game, we know what it will run on (at least fairly decently), and we put those specs in our FAQ.

There is no, nor will there be any type of multiplayer support in Civil War Bull Run. We plan on adding multiplayer support to the engine at a later date. It was just not feasible at this time. One coder and one designer can't do everything at once. We used to think that we could, but the past 3 years has taught us differently.

We still have no idea when the game will be for sale in other countries besides the US. We were told that it would happen, but they had no dates yet.

We still can neither confirm nor deny that the publisher listed as the publisher of Civil War Bull Run is our actual publisher. Because we are not allowed to admit it until they do. I don't think that we've slipped up yet. Kind of hard when everyone can know except for us.

I think that's all the tough questions that we've been getting. Thanks to everyone for going to our own boards, we really can't wait until you can play the game.

Civil War Bull Run Goes Gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 23, 2004 - norb

We did it! It's all over. It started March 2001 and just ended. The publisher has accepted our final build and we are absolutely finished. What a great feeling! We need to thank some people that worked very hard to make this happen.

Our Artists: Stephen & Tiffanny Varga
These guys came aboard very late in the process. We lost our previous artist and had to replace EVERYTHING. They did an amazing job finishing this thing up. They put in the long hours, the late nights, they were awesome.

These guys want to make game trailers or any type of in game movie. If you've seen our trailer and like their work, send them an email. It's listed on the credits page. They work hard, their work is excellent and they are very professional.

Our Testers:
Rod (Ivanmoe) Moore
Jim (6th Vermont) Weaver
Mike (DrMike1997) Dickman
Ray (Lava) Rivers

These guys are the real reason that we made our dates. They had the game so clear of bugs by the time that the publisher got it, that there was really nothing for them to do except for correct spelling errors. There were a few minor things that were found, but there were no show stoppers and it's all due to the fact that our testers worked their butts off for the past 3 months cleaning this thing up. They were all great to work with and extremely talented at finding a narrowing down the situations where bugs occurr. A true blessing for any programmer. Thanks guys.

December 22, 2004 - norb

There's an interview with the team on The Wargamer. Thanks to Chris Abele for showing an interest and continuing to support our effort.

Web Site
December 17, 2004 - norb

You'll see some changes on the web site as we experiment with different looks. Thanks for your patience.

December 15, 2004 - norb

Thanks to all the folks that posted links to pre-order sites. So all of the people that asked me about pre-orders... I've posted the links to the left. I'll post them as I get them.

New Forum
December 14, 2004 - norb

With the game getting close to being released, we figured that it was time to get off of EZBoard. So we have a new phpBB. It's a bummer losing all the content, but we can't keep putting it off and it's best to be in complete control of our boards. So go to the link on the left, the link to the old board is still there and will stay there for some time.

Although we still can't confirm who the publisher is, there are a couple of links on our forums where you can go and preorder the game. Kind of silly, but that's the way it goes.

I just want to give a huge shout out to our testers, they are listed on the credits page. The publisher has not been able to find any significant bugs. Well, there was one that I introduced right before we shipped the beta, but that's not their fault. Other than that we get text changes, minor feature requests, etc. Nothing significant. This can be directly contributed to our amazing test team cleaning this thing up and finding everything before we ever shipped. There is no way that we could have made these dates without them.

Current status is that we are sailing through the Publisher's testing, but it's not over yet, but we're very close.

I've read some items on the forum from people that are worried about the quality of the game now that they have seen what the preorder pages determine is the publisher. They basically are just publishing the game, they have some comments and some requests, but they basically got the game as is. This is the game that we were going to ship with or without a publisher. Adam and myself and the entire team are committed to bringing this game to life and whether we have or do not have a publisher makes little difference. These are our games, they are created the way that we want. We will continue to use this engine that we have developed and we own whether we have a publisher or not. We work a little differently than other development shops, to us a publisher is a luxury, not a necessity.

Publisher X
December 9, 2004 - norb

MadMinute Games, Inc. is very happy to announce that we have signed a deal with a major publisher. Problem is that we can't tell you who it is. We have been told that until they announce it in a press release, we can't say who they are. So the mystery publisher will have to remain just that, a mystery. No one on our team will neither confirm nor deny the identity of "Publisher X". They are big, they are well known. They will get our game shelf space in major retailers throughout the US. They changed the name of the game to "Civil War Bull Run". I guess someone took a poll and not enough US high school graduates knew what happened in 1861. Even though the name is now Bull Run, it's still just 1st Bull Run. We explained that to them, but the heads on high just stuck with Bull Run, so there it stays.

I'm not sure when it's going to get to the rest of the world. I certainly wouldn't want to wait. And if I lived in one country and wanted something only available in another country, and I had access to ebay and someone in the other country did too.... Not that I'm suggesting anything.

The game price will be under $30, probably around $20. Yes you read that right. This "Publisher Currently Known As X" likes to do volume over price. The have lots of games in major retailers throughout the US. The game will also have another logo on it, I'm pretty sure that a well know entity "Entity X" will have their label on our game as well. Having this secret "Entity X",s logo on the cover will make the game more familiar to many and hopefully we'll get a lot of non wargamers picking this thing up from the electronics section of major retailers. (Retailer X)

So here's a little mystery for you to work out until the game hits store shelves near you in early January 2005. Still not sure of the exact date. I thought that I knew the date, then the Producer (Producer X) at Publisher X thought he knew a different date and they aren't the same dates, so I'm not saying. But both of our dates agree on January, and in the first half.

Anyway, Publisher X has been great to work with. They gave us a very fair deal and we're very happy with it. It's nice to know that there's a publisher out there that will take a chance on a very small team. Even if no one on the team works on the game full time, well actually we probably do put in our 40+ hours a week, just all at night. (1 designer + 1 coder) * 3 years + 2 artists + 4 testers == team, but only if everyone works really hard and takes responsibility for their share of the game.

Right now we are in beta. We will deliver the final version before the end of the month. Then we are finally done this thing. No time to celebrate now, we're in beta and I get a bug report every morning as their testers try to break our game. It's holding up fairly well so far.

If you read through all of this, thanks, here's your reward. Three new arty screens in the gallery.


December 2, 2004 - norb

For the first time ever. We can finally show you some close up of our artillery. We've had artillery in for a while, but it's been stub art up until last night.

We'll start with some limbered guns on the move.

One New Screen
November 22, 2004 - norb

Adam gave this to me a while ago to post, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

One note: I made a big mistake in posting the hard disk requirements previously. We did not have all the artwork in the game yet. We also took all of our maps and created low res versions of them for slower machines. The disk space requirement right now is almost 800MB. I know it's huge and I was as surprised as anyone when I saw it. I don't expect it to get much bigger, but there is a little art that's still not in the game. Hard drive space is inexpensive so hopefully this won't upset anyone's plans too much.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Dev Update
November 1, 2004 - norb

Haven't written anything in a while, so it's time for an update. We are getting very close. We are in the final stages of finishing this thing. It will probably be available in early January (more details on that to follow).

Open play is finished. All of the units are finished. We are currently working on the scenarios. Lots of play testing. Most of the artwork is in the game. The maps are completed. We just have a lot of little things to do, but all of the major coding is completed. We are working very hard to make sure that this game is great. It's hard with such a small team, but it's also easier in some ways. No bureaucracy. All the testers have direct access to people that fix things. So we move very fast.

As far as system requirements go... We have been able to get this thing running on lower end machines (P3) by boosting RAM and video cards. We have low res versions of the maps that seem to run ok on these platforms. So if you don't want to buy a new box, go to your local computer store and get a new video card. You can get something decent for less than $100. I picked up a decent PCI 128MB card for $70 at CompUSA. It was their own brand with an NVidia chip. Also get as much RAM as you can, in the video card and in the machine. I would try to get at least 512MB, although our system requirements are less if you have a faster CPU, but if you have an old box this will greatly help. We require DX9, so make sure that you have the latest version. It will be on the CD, but you can get it now from Microsoft. You'll new around 500MB hard drive space to be safe, it will probably be less but I haven't deleted all the old stuff yet. We'll have a couple of tweak settings so you can get this thing running.

If you want to see everything (every fence), get a P4. I currently run on a P4 3 gig chip, ATI 9800 Pro, 1 Gig RAM. It runs great on this, but that's to be expected.

IL2/Pacific Fighters
October 15, 2004 - ivanmoe

I am referring to Ubisoft's flight sim, a creation of designer of Oleg Maddox.

The darn thing has been ripped off, and is being downloaded off the internet before it has even shipped. Apparently, an Ubi employee stole a copy and uploaded it. To say that this is a disaster for Oleg is a understatement beyond all qualification. As a fan and active player of the game, one of only a few that I enjoy, its a blow to me as well, because I know that this will likely undermine his royalties, and his ability to generate quality programs in the future.

That said, I hope that we someday see a practice among developers and publishers whereby software has to be "patched" before it can be used, using some kind of purchase authentication that will knock this B.S. off, hopefully forever. Barring that, given broadbands ability to swiftly download even the largest programs off of the internet, I'm afraid this whole industry is toast, at least the PC gaming component.

sad and disgusted.

New Movie for Melee and Charge
October 8, 2004 - norb

Melee and charge have been a hot topic on our forums, so we thought that we would give you a movie so that you can see for yourself. This movie is much larger than the previous ones, but it shows you what we've got. Check out the movies link to the left.

Our Plans
October 5, 2004 - norb

I was just contacted by 3D Gamers and they did not know that we were first releasing the First Bull Run as a product. I guess that we've discussed it on the forums, but have not made any formal announcements.

Doing the entire Civil War became more than our small team could handle. We've been developing this engine for over 3 years and really wanted to get something out. Our original plans had been an elaborate $60 game, basically our dream game. We realized that we were shooting too high for our first release, and decided to tone it down to something more manageable. So our first release is going to be just the 1st Bull Run battle. There's going to be plenty of other stuff in there to take up all of your time. But as far as historical battles go, we are just doing the 1st Bull Run at a lower price point than we originally planned. Not sure what it will be yet. We want to get you our engine so that you can finally see what we've been talking about. We will still be developing the our dream game, but we want to get something out there to the loyal fans that have been emailing us over the last year.

We are a very small team and were reaching too high for our first release. We still plan on releasing this winter, not sure on an exact date yet. We are very close and did not want to make everyone wait another 1 or 2 years for a product. We want to make sure that whatever we release is a top quality product, so that's what we have been focusing on.

Melee and Charge
October 5, 2004 - norb

The melee and charge animations are in and we have the screenshots to prove it. Take a look in the gallery and see what great work the artists are doing.

Artillery is all coded up, now we're working on cavalry. That's the last major unit to code. We're using mostly the infantry AI, with a few minor tweaks.

New Screenshot
September 24, 2004 - norb

There's a new screenshot in the gallery. Recently the artists got the officer dying animation finished. So here's a sample of what a dead Union officer looks like in the field.

Talk with the Testers
September 22, 2004 - norb

We currently have 3 great testers that have been working with us for several months now. They are on the forum and you can ask them about the game. Hopefully they'll have good things to say :) We just figured that it might be nice to get some other opinions about what we're doing here at MadMinute.

They are:
6th Vermont

and we really don't know where we'd be without them. So when you buy the game and you see something that you don't like, please blame these guys and not us :)

Artillery Capturing
September 21, 2004 - norb

We have our first version with the Artillery Capturing in the code. It's pretty cool. Adam has designed a great set of rules and there in the game and a lot of fun. Our testers will now be pounding away at it to make sure that it's solid.

We've been doing some benchmarks and it looks like you really need at least 512 RAM to run this thing. One of our testers has been running with 256 for a while, but with the latest detailed maps, it really slowed down. Yes, it's playable, but it's not good. We do have some options, and will have more, that will decrease some aspects of the game in order to boost performance.

JMMathé from HistWar.Com corrected me in my last email. It seems that a French magazine Vae Victis had an item about Take Command about a year ago. My bad, no one let us know, not that any of us speak French, but it's great to see some mentions in a printed publication.

On the art scene, we have all the infantry and generals in the game. You've seen the new toolbar in our screenshots. Now we have to come up with something for artillery. After that it's screens as we begin our run to the endzone.

New Screens
September 16, 2004 - norb

We've added a few new screens to the gallery. We wanted to show what some of our reports and informational screens look like. We keep a ton of stats and we just have to add the screens to show them off. They're not all filled in, but it's a glimpse of what's to come.

We also heard from our forum that we got a mention in the Oct. 2004 PC Gamer - UK Edition. That's our first magazine mention as far as I know. It's pretty cool.

Right now we're doing some scenario work as well as adding the code to capture artillery.

In Game Movies
September 9, 2004 - norb

Tonight the NFL opened it's new season, so we thought that we'd put something up to celebrate. Adam and I are big football fans, him being of the Rams variety and myself being of the Eagles type.

Our new screenshots started a little buzz around the net. I found them everywhere. That's great news, sometimes we feel like only our little group is focused on this game. We're wrong, there are a lot of people watching what we do and wishing us luck. Thanks everyone!

We created a few new in game movies, they are short and small, just a taste of where we are. Listen for the artillery, we don't have the art done yet, but you can definately hear it. For everyone that's familiar with 1st Bull Run we've provided a small tour of the notable locations. The quality of the movies is not great, but the payoff is that they are small to download and we were able to post 4 at once. You'll find all this under the movies link on the left.

Adam and myself have been working very hard over the summer and we are getting close to having all of the features in. Hopefully we can be feature complete sometime in November. Then we have a ton of testing and tweaking to do, many scenarios to design, and screens to finish. We are still on track for this winter, exactly when we don't know. Big kudos out to those that are helping us. Our artists have been working very hard to replace the old stub art. They have done an amazing job as we have been able to provide these movies that have only the new artwork in them. We would also like to thank our test team. We have 3 guys that are there every night with us, testing the game and giving us the player's perspective. They are the middle men, they understand what we can do and what our limits are, but they are also the player's advocates, being veterans of this type of gaming, they know what you want, what you'll accept, and what you won't.

On a side note, I just finished reading all three Shaara books, so I finally know how this battle ends :)

It's Been A While...
September 5, 2004 - norb

But don't you worry, we're still working hard. We've added a bunch of new screens on the galleries page. As far as progress goes, we've added a ton of new features to the game and are still working hard to make sure that it plays well. You can now capture infantry and kill their officers, good fun! When an officer is killed, a replacement will come up, but they won't be as skilled as the one they replaced. The artillery is now working great, we'll try to get some movies up soon. They add so much to the game, hearing the cannons fire, seeing the air bursts and canister hits takes you right into the heat of the action. We even got the guys marching across the Stone Bridge at 1st Bull Run. Take a look at the shots, we've recreated over 5 square miles of the battlefield. Adam has outdone himself, he has every fence line, field type, and house researched from the actual Library of Congress maps. If you know the location, you'll recognize the maps.

July 14, 2004 - norb

Just a note to let you know that we're still here. We are working very hard to get this thing done. We have a couple of excellent testers working with us that are really making this job easier. Currently we are working on the Artillery AI, we've got some in for the sections and now we have to make sure that the AI places the batteries in logical locations. We have different ammo types, with different effects and properties for each of them. It's going very well and we feel confident that we'll have something to sell this winter. I've also updated the FAQ a little bit, just some of the stuff that we've been saying on the forums.

New Art
June 25, 2004 - norb

Here's a small glimpse at the new Union General. Our art team is working hard at getting the final art in the game. They do not disappoint!

New Message Board Link
June 5, 2004 - norb

The link to the message board has changed. It took us by surprise as well. The link to the left is now accurate.

New Art - New Screens
June 6, 2004 - norb

We're a little late, but we finally have a couple of new screenshots. Take a look at the new toolbar, trees, and soldiers. The new toolbar is awesome! It's nice to get some color back on the site. There is much more to come. Our artists are working very hard to get the right look for the game. We only have one soldier for each side done so far, but there will be more.

I've also added a link to a Southern Heritage Site that contacted us. If you're into news from Dixie or just interested in the Southerner of today, check them out.

Quick Update
April 22, 2004 - norb

Just a quick update to let you all know that we're still here. We are currently working on artillery. We have the first draft in the game, but we still have a lot of work to do with effects and the different ammo types. Of course the AI demo is still lurking around the corner. We are making decent progress. It makes such a difference in the game to hear the artillery booming in the background. Nothing like seeing an airburst right over your regiment either.

New Design
April 15, 2004 - norb

I've redone the site with something a little more pleasing to the eye. Forgive us for the massive changes. We are currently in the process of replacing all of the previous stub or filler art with the final artwork. It's coming along well and as soon as we get a chance we'll post up some of the new screenshots.

Don't forget to file your taxes.

Site Down
April 13, 2004 - norb

We are currently undergoing a complete redesign of all the art for the site and in the game. Please be patient while we go through this transition. This ugly temporary site is my creation while we make this transition.

I'll use this for a little while, just because it looks a little better.

New Mirror
March 30, 2004 - norb

Thanks to Shane at for adding another mirror for the TC1861 content.  Hopefully with all the mirrors that we have, everyone can find one that works for them best.  Be sure to check out the Take Arms site, it's a great Civil War resource site with links to some other great sites that are out there.

Game Developers Conference
March 28, 2004 - norb

Adam and myself returned from the GDC Saturday evening.  We had a great time and met a ton of people.  Two of the judges of the festival came up to us during the conference to let us know how much they liked our game.  That was very inspiring.  We also had two players sit down and play the game for over 3 hours!  Now that was very encouraging.  We did not win any awards, but I do not feel like we deserved to win.  Every other game there was finished and right now TC1861 lacks the level of polish that you find in a finished game.  We did get approached by many publishers and we will be following up with them this week.  We are getting close to the end, but we still have a ton of work to do until we can say that we are done.

We also attended a couple of classes on developer/publisher relations, so hopefully we'll be ready to have those conversations.  I also got to here John Carmack speak, which was a highlight for me because Doom really was the reason that I got into game programming in the first place.

If you haven't checked out the finalists I suggest that you head over to the IGF site, because there really were some amazing games there.  We had a bunch of talks with the guys from Slitherine (their link is on our links page).  These guys were great and gave us a ton of advice on being an independent developer.  There game was amazing too, they won the Art Award and it had to be for the awesome rendered campaign map that they have in their game, not to mention a host of other screens that are just beautiful.

There are new mirrors on the downloads page for the trailer in case you haven't been able to take a look at it yet.

March 22, 2004 - norb

We here at MadMinute Games like to keep our promises.  So as we said, the trailer is up right before we go, and I do mean right before, we leave for San Jose tomorrow at 7pm.   Big thanks to Matt from The Rifle Pit for putting this thing up, it's 50MB and we have no way to host that here.  This thing is awesome too.  It's well worth the download.  It has NO in game footage, it's a complete cinematic rendered by some friends of ours in exchange for a plug.

The fact that the trailer did get done has absolutely nothing to do with us.  We didn't do one thing for the trailer.  Well, actually, I did have to add a last minute sound track using the artists laptop with the artist on the phone, I've never done that before.

So somehow we were lucky enough to be approached by an art team that wanted to do a cinematic for us.  At the same time we were approached by a musician that wanted to do a score for TC1861.  We now have music on the opening screen and we also have a score to put in the end game when that get done.

Go to the downloads link on the left to see a list of mirrors.

Here's where all the credit goes:

Tiffanny Tan & Stephen Varga
Created the entire trailer themselves.  If you like what you see please contact me and I will get you in touch with them.

Chris Rickwood
Created the entire score for the trailer (even turned a new one around in 24 hours when we saw that the length didn't fit the final movie).  If you like his music and you know you do, check out Rickwood Music.

Thank you Tiffany, Stephen, and Chris for making this happen,

Bring Out Your Dead
February 23, 2004 - norb

We actually have all the code in for the infantry army AI, meaning that all of the infantry AI code is in!  Now for the testing, actually we test it all along, or rather Adam does, but we've got to make sure it works well before we move on to artillery.  

We've also had a response to the number of dead that we show.  I personally like to see things bloody if they are bloody.  The cost can get pretty high though.  Basically our current model is 1 sprite per 10 men.  So at first we were dropping 2 dead for every sprite, which looks good eventually, but doesn't give enough horror at the beginning of the battle.  So we tried dropping 3 dead per 10 men, which works very well, but can drop the frame rate significantly even on a good computer.  So we'll just have to put in some options in the final version, because if you have a high end system, you'll want to see this.  Here some shots of the first Army vs. Army battle casualties.

Music & Trailer
February 18, 2004 - norb

I just want to give a big plug to Chris Rickwood of Rickwood Music.  He has been working on a score for TC1861 as well as music for our Trailer.  It's unbelievable!  The awesome duo of Stephen & Tiffanny are working very hard to have the trailer done before the GDC and Chris is already working on adding music.  So we hope to debut the movie here right before we leave.  Now this is not in game, it's a trailer that's supposed to get you excited about the game and it works, at least for me.  I can't wait to play it.

Fighting 69th
February 12, 2004 - norb

On our message board we asked what people most wanted to see in a movie.  The response was unanimous for some up close battle shots.  So we took two brigades and brought them into range and demonstrated some of the battle techniques.  We charged when we probably should not have, but you do get a good look at fighting in TC1861.  The link to the mirror is on the downloads page. 

Pre Redesign

February 2, 2004 - norb

National Civil War Museum Yesterday I took my family up to see the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA. I highly recommend the trip if you're in the area. They don't have the quantities of artifacts like Gettysburg, but what they do have is very impressive. They don't allow photos though, so you'll have to take my word. They have Lee's riding gauntlets, some of Jackson's personal items that he carried with him, to name a few. We also have a new mirror, thanks to Magpie at for giving us some space. Great Superbowl yesterday, it's always fun to watch a good game. Too bad my Eagles weren't there, but the best teams made it.

January 31, 2004 - norb

New Mirror Thanks go out to Gene Dilsen at for providing another mirror for our movies. This is from Switzerland, so it should be pretty fast for any Eastern Hemisphere war gamers.

January 29, 2004 - norb

First Movie is Posted I've added a new link to the left, it's for a downloads page that will give you access to anything big that we post. We're going to try and get some movies out every once in a while, just so that every knows that we're not just blowing smoke. These are in game, non scripted movies. We just play and when we see something we like we record. The tool I bought "Fraps" does a halfway decent job of not slowing down the game too much while it's running. It does get a little bit choppy but overall we're very happy with the quality. Then I convert it to wmv format which ends up a little blurry, but it's definitely viewable. That take the 100mb clips and shrinks them to 7mb. Big thanks to Matt Morelli at the Rifle Pit for providing our first mirror. I will only be able to ever have one movie posted at this site, and if too many people download from here I'm going to cap my bandwidth, but I thought I'd give it a try. So you can now download from either site.

January 28, 2004 - norb

More Eye Candy & Something Else To See Here's another round of screens from the Antietam map. The Corps strategic AI is finally starting to work itself out. Been a little slow this month, I had to get Baseball out for opening day. But we do finally see the light for the strategic AI. There's been a couple questions on the board about exactly what features will be in the first release of our game. We really wish we knew. We know that we have some ideal stuff on our information page and we truly hope that we can foot that bill. But right now we just want to get something out that's good. So we'd rather cut features than do them half way. So when we know, you'll know. But whatever we release, we promise it will be awesome. We're going to try posting our first in game movie to our site. I got the size down to around 7MB. The quality isn't bad and the tool that I'm using doesn't jerk the drawing too much. Not as good as live, but good enough for you to get a first glimpse at what we're doing. We'll only ever have one video on the site at a time and may move them to off our site, but this will have to do for now until we get all the details worked out. Here's the link, you have to download the zip. It works in Windows Media Player 9, it may work in others, but I'm sure it works there. Sunken Road: Preparing for the Union Assault The Irish Brigade Gives it a Shot More Irish Brigade Sunken Road Bend (Pre-Tower) More Sunken Road

December 31, 2003 - norb

Promises kept... barely We have the promised screenshots. Adam has been working on an Antietam map and it's time to show it off. We hit a snafu, since the engine that we're using rotates the map weird so that when you're looking out it outside of the program north is not up. Really a mixture of different coordinate systems, but we got it fixed. He worked very hard to get it done so that we could get our promised screenshots up. Hope that everyone had a great holiday. Miller's Cornfield & Smoketown Rd. West Woods & Smoketown Rd. Haggerstown Pike & Miller's Cornfield (looking towards West Woods) Hood's Texans (west of the West Woods) In game battlefield map

December 17, 2003 - norb

TC:1861 IGF FINALIST We made the top ten in the IGF, which means that we are finalists. We will now be competing for the top prize at the Game Developers Conference next March in San Jose. We also now get to put this cool logo on our site. Adam really wanted to post some new screenshots of the historical maps that he is making. But just our luck his computer died on the way over so now we got to order new parts and wait for them. But stayed tuned, we will have a bunch of new screenshots up on this site before the end of the year. We promise.

November 25, 2003 - norb

AI AI More AI Now that we're pretty happy with the infantry battle AI, we're working on the tactical AI. This allows the random scenarios that everyone loves. So we randomly seed the maps with objectives and then who knows what the AI will do. We're trying to keep things random and at the same time making sure that the decisions that the AI makes, will make sense. We know everyone wants updates, but we're trying to make sure that we answer the forum questions in a timely manner. We really took on a lot here and we're trying to get one part done to completion. So please be patient, we won't release anything until we're happy with it.

October 31, 2003 - norb

Back On Track I took a long hiatus here, but now we're getting back to work. Actually I'm getting back, Adam has been working hard on maps these past months. I've got a new job and just had to get in the new groove. I code at home full time now. So during the day I work for someone else, take a break, eat dinner, and then work at night on Take Command. Not a bad life. We pretty much have the Division AI done. We have some tweaks to do with how they use reserves, but we're getting close. The AI gets simpler as you go up the chain of command. We assign specific responsibilities to each level. It seems to be working well. But we'll keep you updated as we have news. Congrats to Adam and Russell (and family) as they have both had baby boys during this hiatus!

August 27, 2003 - norb

We Did It Wow, that was one of the hardest things that I've ever done. I've had 4-6 hours of sleep every night for the past month. But we did it. The team came together and created our first demo. So far this is not a public demo. We actually don't have anywhere to post a public demo anyway. But this was created for the Independent Games Festival in San Jose. We had to submit before the 1st of September, the we find out if we made the top 10 on December 12. If we make the top 10 we have to go to the Game Developer's Conference in San Jose next March where they pick a winner. No matter what happens, we really accomplished alot. All of the features that will be in the final game are not in the demo. But the demo itself is feature complete. Meaning that you can play it and nothing will seem missing. We had a few testers that ran it through for us and they had some great suggestions and found some tricky bugs. Thanks guys. So now we just wait and move on, but first we're going to take a much deserved break.

August 5, 2003 - norb

Dev Journal Here I am once again apologizing for not letting you guys know what's up with the game. We've been working so hard that we just forget that we're trying to grow a community and to keep that community alive we have to let you guys in on what's up. Well here it is. We are trying to get a playable level done by September 1st. We'll let you in on the details later, but that's what we've been working on. We came up with a small scenario design that acts like a tutorial mode to introduce people to the game. We have taken into consideration some of the comments that we received on our last test and decided that if we were going to show this to people we really can't just throw them into a battle with 6 corps and 11,000 infantry sprites. You kind of get a little lost in the battle. It demos great with someone familiar with the game, but if you're not you can get easily lost. So we came up with a small scenario where you're a Brigade Commander and we walk you through the game. One of the hardest things in developing with no dates or milestones is knowing when somethings done and knowing when to cut features that can wait until a later release. So we set this milestone for ourselves, hoping to create something to really show people and it's helped out a lot. We found a crash that was happening on some XP machines and have worked it out. We've added a button that immediately brings you back to your guy, just in case you're out sightseeing and get lost. We've worked on a lot of screen support. That's a pain to do from scratch. Just for your information, I ran the game on an XP P3 600 with 256 MB ram and a bottom of the line Gforce 4 card, and it ran, but it ran real slow. I doubt it could handle our corps test (that's what we call our big scenario). I did run the corps test on a P3 1000 with 512 MB ram and a top of the line Gforce 2 card and it ran good. It did hiccup in a few places but that's a lot of regiments to be running AI for. But I would definately call it playable. I guess the lesson learned is that processor speed and memory are more important for this game than video card. Not that video card doesn't count, it's just not as important. The game also requires DirectX 8.1.

July 1, 2003 - norb

Dev Journal Sorry for the lack of updates. But that does not mean that we haven't been working very hard to get this thing done. Yes, there is still a ton of work to do before it's ready for prime time, but we've also done a ton of work as well. All of our time has been working on the AI. We've also all have vacations and family to attend to this summer, so hopefully we'll meet our goals and still find time for real life. We now have a small list of what's left to accomplish to finish up the AI to the division level. It's a small list and everything is working pretty much the way we want it to. We just put in the rally code as well as the ammo wagon code and it looks very cool. I was trying to find some freeware to create a short video of some features, but all of the tools I found ran very choppy. My video camera does not accept input in any way that my computer can give it, but if I come up with something I'd really like to post a short video. People have been emailing about a beta test, right now we haven't decided when/if that will happen. We really just want to focus on getting this thing feature complete. Then we'll think about a beta test.

May 30, 2003 - russell

Screenshots New Screenshots have been added to the Gallery section and of course some In-Game animations of the Generals at the top of this page.

May 11, 2003 - norb

Dev Journal The Brigade AI is finally done. That was a huge task, but we finally busted through. Now we're looking towards Divisions. We have a ton of ideas, but we have to see what works. Adam is working on a map with some mountains, as was asked for on the forum. We'll try to get a screenshot of that up soon. We also figured out a few things that really speed up the game, not that it was running slow, but it may lower the minimum requirements. When we get some time to test on some older machines we'll let you know if anything has changed. Happy Mother's Day to any Mom's out there, or to your own Mom or wife that puts up with us playing or working on games all of the time.

April 25, 2003 - norb

Dev Journal The three of us got together last weekend and worked out a ton of problems that we've been having with the art. This is a very quirky engine, but you get what you pay for, in some ways it's been great, but the documentation is very lite and there is little to no support or error return codes. We did finally get a ton of work done. We got the game installed on the artist's machine (Russell) and showed him how things work. Up until this point he has just been giving us art and hadn't really seen the game run. So he got a new box and he's up and running. We do have a few very minor problems on his ATI 7500 video card. It looks great, but there are a few pixels that are just messed up and we couldn't figure out why. Now time to go back to the AI and the orders, AI is a bitch to code and it was great to take a break. We did our first pass and then tested it for about a week, now we're putting in the changes that we discussed, then it will go back to testing. After we have the AI working correctly with their orders we will have them respond to objectives.

April 14, 2003 - norb

Fix Bayonets Sorry it took so long to get this latest screenshot. Melee is something that we really spent some time getting right, it's just not what we've been focusing our time on now. Currently we are putting in all the orders and making sure that the AI makes sense and is challenging. Basically the AI will use orders all the time, but as the human player you can either micromanage your troops or just give orders to your commanders. Of course you can't always know how your commanders will interpret your orders... Adam spent many nights convincing me to code all this, his Ghandi type approach finally worked and I have to admit that it's pretty cool. I've updated the FAQ to include the 3 modes of gameplay that we discussed on the forums.

March 30, 2003 - adam

Rebel Yell Here's a new screenshot to wet your appetites. We've spent a ton of time making sure the charge and melee look and act appropriately. Here's the charge, stay tuned for the melee.

March 23, 2003 - norb

Development Journal We have finally gotten the brigade/regiment battle AI to our liking. It's actually pretty hard to beat depending on what level of AI you have for your side. If you do all of the wheeling and movement yourself, it's tough to keep up. Now we are working on brigade orders. Russell just got some Union horses animated and they look awesome. For those curious about our interface, we are going with a first person shooter model, one of my favorite types of games. WSAD for move forward, backward, slide left, and slide right, also accessed by moving your cursor to the screen edge. Also we will have full mouse look while holding the right mouse button down. I find this interface to be the easiest while navigating a 3D world. I've also updated our contact page so you can know who we are on the forums.

March 18, 2003 - norb

New Message Board We have switched to ezboard because I just found out that our current board starts deleting messages once you hit 300. Here's the link to the old board if you want to read what's been said. We were also asked on the forum how high can you go in the game. We'll that's probably going to depend on some setting, but if you don't have any of them on... :)

March 17, 2003 - norb

First Foreign Article Stevo from Montenegro have posted an article about MadMinute Games on his site. You can't read it but it's pretty exciting to see where we're reaching. Take a look, you have to scroll down a bit, but you can recognize the screenshot.

March 15, 2003 - norb

FAQ and Game Features Updated Due to the great response on our boards, we have taken some of the more frequent questions and added them to our FAQ. Also we have added another feature to our game description. We've moved the FAQ to the news link on the left. We will get the art changed soon. The news will now only be available on the home page, accessed by clicking on the logo in the upper left hand corner.

March 14, 2003 - norb

Thanks for the Great Response All of here at MadMinute Games really appreciate all of the comments that have been posted on our forum. Actually we're just amazed at the response. Right now we are working on the AI. We are very dedicated to getting this game out to the people that love these types of games. We even got our first article thanks to Chris "Pie4Foo" Abele, thanks Chris. Take a read here.

March 12, 2003

FAQ Added to the Game Info Page This site was created for your feedback. Since we are working on a Garage Game (game being developed without outside funding), we are interested in hearing the viewer?s opinion about such a venture. Your interests will most likely fuel and speedup the development of such a project.

March 3, 2003

Opening of Mad Minute Games Website We are pleased to present to you our website. Screenshots have been added to the Gallery and a Forum has been started. Welcome to Mad Minute Games website. This site was created in efforts to show the public the "Take Command - The Civil War" PC game currently being developed. We have posted screenshots and a brief description about "Take Command - The Civil War" to see the response we may get. If you are interested in this type of game or in garage games (game being developed without outside funding) being developed we'd love to hear from you in our Forum. We welcome all positive and constructive feedback! Thank You, Mad Minute Games