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This is a list of most common problems that people have encountered in the game as well as the best course of action to take.

Take Command - 2nd Manassas Patch

CWBR patch

Copy Protection Failing Even though the CD is in my Drive
Can't see the intro movies
Can't see the Men, other Video related issues.
Game won't run!
What are the keyboard commands in the game
I can't see my mouse cursor

Take Command - 2nd Manassas Patch 3- includes Patch 1&2

Download Locations
SoftPedia - German Version Patch 3
SoftPedia - French Version Patch 3
SoftPedia - Spanish Version Patch 3

German Version Patch 3
French Version Patch 3
Spanish Version Patch 3

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CWBR Patch

The patch is done, and has been approved by all the power that be concerned. Here are some highlights:
1. Support for 1024x768
2. New map for open play

3. BONUS Beauregard Scenario
4. Take Command of all your units for you power hungry commanders
5. See the full list of changes

Download Locations:
Activision Value
Take Arms 3D Gamers FileFront Game Spot MMG

Item #22 & #38: We did not put in the all brigade double quick and this was because it is a toggle and got confusing at times, also we did not have enough room for the current button and the new button so we left it as is. The modders have already added this for people that want it anyway.

Note about mods:
There were some changes in the csv files, so if you have installed any mods, we recommend that you uninstall them before installing the patch. They could cause a CTD. Contact the mod author and get a v1.11 compatible version of the mod.

Change list for Mod Authors: Download SDK v1.11
1. UNITCOMMON.CSV: Inserted column D "CAPT CLASS" - this is the class to use when this unit is captured. Only works for artillery.
2. FORMATION.CSV: Column G used to called "Use Road", it wasn't being used. It is now called "Keep Formation". This means that this formation will not switch into column while moving.
3. UNITS.CSV: No major change here, just a warning. If you have a column called "Rate of Fire" towards the end, it should not be there. We've cleaned up our files, modders should clean up theirs.

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Copy Protection Failing Even though the CD is in my Drive

We have found that Zone Alarm or other firewall software as well as some virus software can interfere with the copy protection. Shut down this stuff and try reinstalling the game. This should fix this problem.

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Can't see the intro movies

Try going to this link and installing the latest Media Player codecs. The movies use version 9. You can also just update the Media player 9. This is also in the readme.

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Game won't run!

Please check your machine specs and make sure that they meet our minimun requirements. Many of the websites that sold the game had the wrong specs listed. The proper specs are:

(must run in low video mode)
P3 1000
64MB Video Card (DX9 Compatible)
DirectX 9 (On CD)
Win 98/ME/2000/XP
800MB Hard Drive Space
CDROM/Mouse/Keyboard/Computer :)

(to run in high video mode)

P4 1.8 Ghz
128MB Video Card (DX9 Compatible)

P4 3.0 Ghz
ATI 9800Pro 128MB
1 Gig RAM
Win 2000

To check your system specs you can use the system info tool found in the accessories/system tools folder or a better way is to follow the following directions:

1. Are you running DOS, Windows 3.1, Linux, or any Apple computer? If so stop here, you are out of luck.
2. From 'Start' select 'Run'. In the box type: dxdiag and then click OK.
3. The dxdiag program will load, on the page tab 'System' check these items: Processor: must be Pentium 3 or Pentium 4, 1000 mHZ or higher. Memory: must be 256MB RAM or higher.
4. Click on the 'Display' tab, look in the 'Device' box on the left side. The entry 'Approx Total Memory' must be 64 MB or higher.
5. Click 'exit' to close this tool.
6. From 'Start' select 'My Computer' look at the listing for your C: drive. The game needs 800 MB of space to install so if your free space is in the single numbers of GB, you might want to delete some stuff from your hard drive or buy a second drive.

Can't see the Men, other Video related issues.

This is probably due to a lack of video ram. Please see the sticky on how to determine how much video ram that you have. If you have below the min of 64MB, you'll have to upgrade your video card. Also if you have integrated graphics and it doesn't work, you may have to purchase a seperate video card.

We have also found that this can be caused by integrated graphics. Meaning graphics chips that our built into the motherboard and use the system ram as their video ram. This can be easily seen if you have a weird amount of system ram. For example if your machine reports 448 RAM, then you probably have integrated graphics. The card is using 64MB of the total 512MB of RAM. This type of setup means very slow video, since the GPU now has to share the same bus with everything else in the computer to get to the ram, rather than having it's own dedicated bus to it's own RAM. The only solution is to buy a video card.

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What are the keyboard commands in the game?

Here they are right from the game screen: Keyboard

Keyboard Commands F4 screenshot F3 highlight screen T toggle trees WSAD move F follow selected unit U toggle HUD Numpad + in-game save Numpad / in-game load H in game help C while in open play, send courier messages Arrow keys traverse chain of command Esc cancel most screens Enter OK most screens +/= speed up time -/_ slow down time Mouse Commands Left button select unit/click button Mouse wheel move up or down/scroll text Left button double click move selected unit to location Right button hold down look around Move cursor to edge of screen move around

Interface Function
F3 Show highlight screen
F4 Take a screenshot (in screenshots directory)
T Toggle trees and dead bodies
W Move Forward
S Move Backward
A Move Left
D Move Right
F Follow currently selected unit
U Toggle HUD states
Numpad + In-game Save
Numpad / In-game Load
H In-game Help
C Send Courier Message (Open Play only)
Arrow Keys Traverse Chain of Command
Esc Cancel on most screens
Enter OK on most screens
+= Speed up time
_- Normal time
Left Mouse Button Select Unit
Mouse Wheel Move up or down, scroll text in screens
Left Mouse Button Double-Click Move Selected Unit to Location
Right Mouse Button Hold Down Move mouse to look around
Mouse cursor on edge of screen Move direction of cursor

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I can't see my mouse cursor

We don't know why this happens, but here is a work around that you can try:

Set your screen resolution to 800x600, that is the res that the game runs at. Then edit your CWBR.ini file. Add the following line to the appropriate section.

Full Screen=0

This will run the game in windowed mode. This should fix your mouse problems. It's a pain and not optimal, but until we figure out why this is happening, it's the only way for you to play the game.